Download Eska app here and get your loyalty stamps for every visit into one of our outlets. Terms & Conditions:

  1. 1 Free stamp on first download (loyalty stamp page doesn’t have any stamps at all).
  2. 1 stamp on every purchase made with us in one of our outlets.
  3. Stamp can only be given by branch staff or manager.
  4. Please don’t uninstall the app, as existing stamps will be gone and cannot be redeemed once gone.
  5. Get 10 stamps to receive a Premier Card membership (first time) and 1 complimentary service / souvenir. With this premier card, you can get more discounts when purchasing our products / services from website or app.
  6. After redeeming a Premier Card membership for first 10 stamps, keep collecting 10 stamps over and over again to redeem for another complimentary service / souvenir.