Papaya Enzyme
Enriched with papaya enzyme extract, seashells, vitamin A, E, F and H. This combination works well as an anti – oxidant and anti – aging. It helps to exfoliate the dead cells of your skin. Leaving your skin soft and supple.

Ever wanted to feel like Cleopatra? Now you can! Experience this lovely milk scrub which nourishes and moisturizes, leaving your skin soft and radiant. Great by itself or with a combination of body treatments.

Natural ingredients are combined with a perfect blend of stimulating and soothing botanical to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, giving you smooth and glowing skin.

Unwind with soothing and smoothing lavender body scrub to calm and relieve tension. Sea salt exfoliates and detoxifies while fruit oils deeply nourish and moisturize, leaves body and mind feeling renewed and radiant.

Increase your sense of well-being with pure and natural plant extracts that gently soothe and hydrate your skin. Removes dead skin cells, renews your skin to its best state and imparts a delightful sense of calm and well-being.

Aromatic Coffee
Experience this wonderful body polish using authentic coffee beans. Great for dry skin, it works as a natural moisturizer while effectively removed dead skin cells. Caffeine – anti-cellulite properties.

Rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidant, this sweetie scrub deep cleanses and functions as a natural antiseptic. A stimulating treatment for the weary soul! The perfect exfoliating, conditioning and softening treatment will reveal radiant skin.

Green Tea
Refine and smooth your entire body with an essential infusion of green tea extract to achieve glowing skin. Soothe and detox your body with this scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Benefits of mud scrub are to remove dead skin, replenishes moisture and softens the skin, increases circulation, increases hydration, promotes deep relaxation and remove toxins, absorb excess oils and it’s a great choice if your skin tends toward the oily.

Bengkoang / Turnips
Body scrub ala Java is used for remove dead skin, mineral composition of bengkoang contains of perfect particles for dull skin, also has a great function for natural whitening. Your skin will be more delicate and fresh.

Often imitated, but never duplicated. Eska’s Chocolate Scrub is the original natural body scrub created with organic cocoa, clay, volcanic, grain, delem leaf. This chocolate scrub blasts away dead cells which dull the skin’s surface as it hydrates and nourishes with natural vitamins and potent antioxidants.

Rose petals are one of the best source to keep your skin nourished, glowing and Moisturized. It is also considered as the anti-bacterial and antiseptic function.

Natural scrubbing agents to sough off dead skin cells, the process leaves skin feeling renew, restored and rejuvenated. Extract avocado is good for dry skin.

A coconut body scrub is one of the most luxurious and efficient ways to hydrate and exfoliate skin. Delight your senses as you exfoliate your skin with coconut enticing exfoliating properties of sea salt. Regarded as a natural aid to sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera
A fantastic moisturizing body scrub recipe. The sea salt exfoliates while the aloe vera deeply penetrate your skin to seriously hydrate, moisturize, encourage soft, supple skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, silky and smooth.

Jasmine has been popular in its health benefits as well as its lovely smell. Jasmine has also been found to nourish skin, help fade the appearance of scars and protect skin from damage that can lead to premature aging.

For normal to oily skin types, this light green scrub cleanses while providing invigorating jojoba bead exfoliation. It opens follicles and removes cellular debris while providing therapeutic amino acid actions to promote healing and also reduces bacteria.

Sandalwood is an emollient, antiseptic, astringent, conditioner and soothing agent, smoothing away rough skin. This recipe contains chandan powder and ingredient that is sandalwood powder. This scrub removes all traces of roughness to buff every bit of you. Ginger
The benefits of ginger are believed to awaken vitality and ignite the body fire. Maybe that explains why its also been revered as a powerful aphrodisiac. It seems everyone who catches a whiff of ginger is instantly enticed by its arousing aroma.

Specially formulated to remove dull, rough skin surface. Recommended for all skin type. Its benefits are rejuvenate, detoxifies, cleanses blocked pores resulting in smooth firm skin, help strengthen and tone weak, tired and muscles, also beneficial for digestive disorders.

This Jamu (ancient Indonesian traditional medicine) treatment is a centuries-old recipe using herbs and spices which increase the blood circulation and ease aches and pains. It is used to warming the body and can help to lower fever. Boreh has long been used as a deep heating treatment for muscle pain and aches, ward off chills, cold and muscular numbness, also softens the skin. Not recommended for people with high blood pressure and pregnant woman.

Rempah Wangi
A therapy using a combination of exotic spices that stimulates the circulation and warms the skin with an aromatic blend. Originating from the Royal Palaces of Java, this ancient recipe uses selected herbs and spices to exfoliate, leaves skin soft, supple and glowing. This treatment can also help refine and whitening the skin, easing unpleasant body odor.

The candlenut has a soft and oily consistency which makes it a wonderful scrub. It draws out impurities, promotes smooth and radiant skin. Suitable for dry and matured skins.


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