Sea Salt Body Glow Jacuzzi Bath
Indulge in a hydrotherapy soak using natural bath crystals from the ocean, enriched with mineral – rich salt extract. The richness of the ocean hydrates your body and leaves you revitalized.

Chocolate Salt Relaxing Bath
Relax in a warm bath infused with comforting chocolate fragrance crystal that leave your skin smooth and soft.

Exclusive Milk Jacuzzi Bath
Brighten up your skin, naturally. An effective treatment with moisturizing effect and fresh fragrance with essential milk will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Aromatherapy Floral Jacuzzi Bath
A non – foamy deeply relaxing bath has skin softening properties, filled with essential spa elements such as chosen crystal salt, essential oil, and fresh or dried floral.

Therapeutic Herbal Jacuzzi Bath
(Ginger, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Boreh, Rempah Wangi, Candlenut, Cinnamon) Made from pure native Balinese herbs and spices that help cleanse and refresh the body while simultaneously introduce a deep state of relaxation, stress relief, for detoxifying, warming, tranquility and muscle comfort. The perfect soak that detoxifies and refreshes your skin. This valuable harnesses techniques to bring about balance to your well-being.

Green Tea Soak with Jacuzzi Bath
A nourishing soak, good for skin treatment, free from dead skin with green tea extract to protect new skin against irritation and work as an antiseptic, and helps to reduce spots on the skin.

Lavender Foaming Relaxing Bath
Discover the health benefits of lavender and how to enjoy its gentle perfume in relaxing bath blends. Its natural healing properties calm your mind, body and soul.

Collagen Bath
Time to Immerse in collagen goodness, gives in instant boost in hydration to our skin, feel smoother, brighter and elastic. Assure you that you will love with all the tensions in your muscles relieved and feel a lot more relaxed.


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